Apartments in Hull City Centre and the Marina, Hull, UK
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With over 40 years experience developing and renting out beautiful properties in Hull, we have won numerous National and International Awards for our regeneration projects as Hull was transformed into the vibrant and stunning city it is today.

Why rent from us?

Quality of Living:

We specialise in bright beautiful En-Suite Rooms in Shared Apartments for Professional Persons.

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We specialise only in prime, peaceful and safe locations, renting out modern contemporary apartments in our own beautiful buildings. Our developments are mainly in and around Hull’s enviable waterfront area and The Avenues Conservation Area.

Uniquely in Hull:

Citylife Now, promoted by ApartmentsInHull,  is the only Licensed Letting Agent with our own in-house building company, chartered architect & interior design service. This ensures you enjoy a high and consistent level of service and maintenance.

No Maintenance Charges:

Halls, stairways and other common areas are cleaned once a week. Gardens are maintained and re-cycling bins put out and collected. Windows are cleaned outside every 6 weeks.


Kingston Communications (KC) has always held the monopoly for telephones and internet in Hull. We are the VERY FIRST developers in Hull to beam in high speed internet, independent of KC, to all our properties


Because we design properties for efficiency, all our highly insulated apartments have their own
Gas Central heating boilers – about 4p/KWh against 19p/KWh for electric.

Council Tax:

As company policy we contest Council Tax Banding and most of our properties are now Band A



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